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Effective November 1st, 2022, J&W has become part of Sanderson Management Inc.

J&W has an excellent reputation and successful working model. J&W’s name and management will remain in place as they join the Sanderson Management Family.

Sanderson has been managing Condos since 1979, and currently works with over 80 properties.  Most of our properties are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

This is a great opportunity for J&W to join a larger family with a strong support team, and a great opportunity for Sanderson to support a great team in the Golden Horseshoe.


Here’s to doing great work, together.  If you have any questions about what this means for you, your property or your management team, reach out to any J&W or Sanderson team member.

We look forward to chatting!

Harassment against condo managers on the rise

Good afternoon, 


We are sharing a recent article published by the Remi Network. The article echoes a common message and topic of conversation at recent conferences and educational sessions for condominium owners, board members and managers. Property management is facing a shortage of managers, an increase in owners living in condominiums for the first time and the continued impacts of the pandemic. This article provides some insightful tips to help managers, owners, and boards be team members in ensuring your communities and homes are well cared for. If you want to read the article from the Remi Network directly, please click here.



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