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Sanderson Management Inc. firmly advocates and practices proactive management. The condominium boards we serve rely on our advice when choosing vendors, contractors and service providers.  


Our mission is to: 
-Provide the most comprehensive management solutions for all condominium lifestyles
-Provide well maintained, secure and respectable properties
-Respect the rights of your residents while promoting a sense of community
-Comply with all legislative requirements and regulations


Sanderson Management and the Vendors we recommend to our Boards are required to strictly adhere to all requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and all applicable Rules and Regulations as set out by the OHSA. Vendors must ensure any employees working at condominium sites are familiar with these requirements and have the required training and/or licensing as prescribed by the OHSA and all applicable Rules and Regulations. Enforcement of this on site is the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor is required to attain all necessary permits and authorization as required by any authority having jurisdiction. The Contractor shall assume the responsibility for meeting any and all Ministry of Labour requirements. Sanderson Management may from time to time require contractors to provide evidence of their licenses or compliance with other government and professional regulations.


Invoicing: Sanderson Management Inc. only acts as “Agent” for their Condominium Clients. The Condominium Corporation’s Board will only approve invoices if the invoices are billed as below, and emailed to [email protected], or received at the address shown below.


Client Condominium (eg. W.S.C.C. No. 1) 
c/o Sanderson Management Inc. 
218 Frobisher Drive
Waterloo, ON N2V 2H6


Please complete the following information and provide the current certificates described below:
Please note:
-Current Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance with a minimum amount of $2,000,000. You are responsible to provide updated certificates to Sanderson Management Inc. prior to expiry.
-Current WSIB Coverage as per the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. You are responsible to provide updated certificates to Sanderson Management Inc. prior to expiry.


Upload a copy of your current insurance certificate here:
Upload a copy of your current clearance certificate here:

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