New SMI Online Presence

We’re excited to launch our new Sanderson Management Website! You can find all the information you need about Sanderson at in a new improved, easy to see format.  One addition is this News & Resources section where we’ll post tips, tricks, links and news stories that are timely and useful. Whether you’re a resident in a community we manage, a service provider looking to offer services to our sites, or you’d like a proposal to manage the condominium where you are a board member, there are convenient links here for you to access and connect with us.

We were overjoyed to move in and start work at our new offices in August 2019 and then seven months later had to shift to remote work due to the pandemic. Now we’re back full time working in-person at the office and are appreciating the renewed energy in our beautiful new workplace. As we ramp up to the busy spring walkaround season, being able to work efficiently will be a huge help.

As always, you can connect with us through our new website, by phone or email. Our new site also has links to all our social media pages: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out what’s happening at Sanderson and say Hi!