COVID-19 Update July 30th 2021

With the recent Provincial government announcements lifting requirements for contact tracing, capacity limits, QR Codes, proof of vaccination and mask wearing, Sanderson Management has been carefully reviewing our procedures.

We have continued to serve our communities very well throughout the pandemic to the best of our abilities, navigating lockdowns, and shifting regulations. As of Monday, March 21st, 2022 we will be lifting all government directed COVID-19 related requirements.

We look forward to seeing everyone safely. Please be considerate and continue to limit your contact with others when you are sick. We ask that everyone remain respectful of one another’s level of comfort with in-person contact and group gatherings, such as at board or contractor meetings or annual general meetings. People may choose to wear a mask when attending a meeting, or choose to stay 6 feet apart for their own and your safety. It is up to each of us as individuals to ensure we think of the safety of others as well as our own households and families.

Doing our part to help keep our employees, our clients, our families and everyone we work alongside safe and healthy remains important to us. We will continue to monitor government directives, and should any new restrictions be mandated by the government; we will follow guidelines accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience over the past two years. We have all learned to adapt and be flexible in our practices – making us more conscientious and stronger than ever. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in-person once again!

Stay safe, and stay healthy!
SMI Team