COVID-19 Update – January 3rd 2022

With the removal of the Stay-at-Home Order from the Province and the reopening of workplaces, here is an update from the SMI team about our operations:

1. In accordance with Provincial Government directives, Sanderson Management Inc. remains an essential service. We continue to implement appropriate COVID-19 precautions outlined in our Safety Plan and will remain vigilant by: monitoring and when necessary, limiting contact, screening before entering our facilities, physically distancing, handwashing, sanitizing our workspace, and wearing PPE.

2. Effective August 3rd, 2021, our offices at 218 Frobisher Drive, Waterloo will once again be open to the public. All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 in accordance with our Safety Plan, must maintain 6 feet physically distance, and wear a mask. We ask that all visitors respect these protocols for everyone’s safety. Telephone and virtual means remain available for contact with our team to ensure continued quality service and communication.

3. We continue to work with our contractors to schedule work that is deemed safe to protect our residents, and contractors. The contractor will likely ask you screening questions, including to disclose any recent travel, if you are experiencing symptoms or if you are isolating.

4. Contractors attending to essential services in condominium buildings are taking precautions to keep you and themselves safe while they complete their work. We ask that you respect the physical distance recommendation of at least 6 feet of separation, and do not approach them closely.

5. We are staying informed, doing our research and taking this situation day by day. We will continue to do our best to protect all of our properties and maintain our standard of work and management. We will continue to send updates and stay in communication with all of you.

Stay safe, and stay healthy!
SMI Team