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  • Preparing the annual operating budget for approval by the Corporation.
  • Providing monthly financial statements detailing current budgetary position; monthly disbursements, bank balances and reconciliations; common expense arrears; investment summary.
  • Reviewing the reserve fund to ensure adequate funds are available for future capital expenditures.
  • Long-term planning for reserve fund including investment of reserve fund monies at best possible rate.
  • Collecting and accounting of common expense monies, and special assessments.
  • Paying all valid accounts owed by your Corporation.
  • Budget Monitoring to ensure compliance with expenditure guidelines.



We provide complete secretarial services including:

  • Recording secretary for general & monthly meetings
  • Preparing Corporation’s correspondence,  meeting notices, minutes and newsletters
  • Maintaining the register of owners
  • Preparing of status certificates at a nominal charge.
  • Ensuring the proper insurance for common areas is in effect at all times.
  • Enforcing terms and rules of Declaration and Bylaws and making recommendations for modifications.
  • Responding to concerns of all Corporation members.
  • Attending general and monthly meetings.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service.



  • Ensuring all necessary repairs to common areas are achieved.
  • Hiring and supervising on site staff, where required.
  • Tendering and recommending suitable contractors to the Board on the advice of qualified professionals; awarding contracts based on Board’s decisions.
  • Supervising all contractors.
  • Establishing preventative maintenance procedures for common areas.
  • Purchasing and repairing all Corporations’ equipment at Corporation’s expense.
  • Scheduling regular weekly site inspections to ensure long term appeal in the resale market, to maintain a high level of owner pride and to minimize major repair expenses.  Reporting to the Board the results of all such site inspections.  Suggesting any needed improvements to the Board.

CONDOMINIUM MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE                                                                                                                             

We use this Canadian product which is specifically designed for condominium accounting. It encompasses everything from budgets to the full financial package including accounts payable. Its major components include the following:

  • Unit Owner Registry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Module
  • Reserve Fund Module
  • Personnel Planner


Some highlights of the system are its ability to produce arrears and lien notices, preparation of Status Certificates, cash flow budgeting and reporting, and five year reserve fund planning, plus endless other features carefully designed into the system to assist in dealing with the day to day operation of Condominium Corporations. 


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