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Cassandre (Casey) Beacock is President of SANDERSON MANAGEMENT INC. and a Director of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute. She is a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER who has extensive experience in both residential and commercial property management. Casey has worked in service industries for more than 20 years and has been promoted to increasingly responsible positions, gaining valuable experience in all areas of management such as financial, human resource and data management. She has strong negotiation skills and an extensive network of professional colleagues in all aspects of condominium management. Casey has been managing properties since 2005. Casey is firm in her commitment to developing and maintaining the highest professional standards for all condominium managers. To this end, she continues to update her own studies to ensure that she remains aware of all trends and legal changes in the industry. Casey’s colleagues and her Boards will attest to her integrity and her committed, diligent competence. Casey is conscientious in her steadfast determination to work with you to maintain and increase the value of your investment.





Anne brings 6 years of experience as a Property Manager/Property Administrator with both condominium and rental properties. Anne is dedicated to providing superior service to Boards and Owners. She is a team player who is driven to succeed.





Christina, a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER, joined the Sanderson team in December 2010 coming from another Property Management Company. In addition to property management, she has over ten years of banking experience, and uses the skills learned in the banking industry to assist her Boards of Directors in all financial aspects of managing their corporations. Christina keeps up to date on the latest condominium issues both through formal courses offered by industry associations and through self-guided study. Christina manages a wide range of condo corporations from townhouses to apartment units in both new and older buildings. The Boards who work with Christina will testify to her professional competence, integrity and guidance on difficult issues ranging from the hiring/terminating of staff to special assessments. They will also testify to her dedication and gentle humour. Christina is now a member of the Professional Partners Committee of the CCI-Golden Horseshoe.





Sherry came to Sanderson Management in December 2010 from another Property Management Company. Sherry has eight years of banking experience, and uses the skills learned in the banking industry to assist her Boards of Directors in the financial aspects of managing their corporations. Sherry manages a wide range of condo corporations from townhouses to apartment units in both residential & commercial properties. Sherry has been an administrator in Property Management for many years and her strong administrative skills will ensure that her properties are organized and able to handle day to day operations.





Jennifer joined the Sanderson team in the Fall of 2016 and brings extensive years in account and people management where she has developed her communication, negotiation, financial and administrative skills.  As a condominium owner herself, Jennifer understands the importance of timeliness, communication and protecting the value of your investment.  Jennifer is enthusiastic and committed to providing superior customer service to Owners and Boards.





Gray, a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER, has more than thirty years of automotive and aerospace engineering and program management background. Gray brings lessons learned in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Value Added Engineering to meet his clients’ requirements.  Gray has served on two condominium boards as President and has successfully completed the Level 200 Condominium Administration Course offered through C.C.I.  With a constant drive to do better, he brings honesty, competence and sound management skills to address the needs of boards and ownership in a friendly, honest way.





Bill, a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER, is both a college and a university graduate in Business Administration with a Marketing Major. Bill joined our staff in 2007 after working with a firm in the Greater Toronto Area where he was responsible for residential, commercial and industrial sites.    Bill has excellent client relation skills and above all, enjoys the dynamic teamwork in meeting the challenges of property management.  Bill is a Brampton native who very much enjoys the Waterloo Region.





Lynn brings more than 18 years of experience in property management and administration to her portfolio. While she has specialized in retirement housing, she brings her extensive background in landscaping, Health & Safety and fire safety to her clients. Boards and owners alike will welcome her contract management skills, her superior customer service and her “unflappable” personality. Lynn is committed to advocating for owners and to finding creative “hands-on” prevention and solutions for your Corporation.

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